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Hey, my name is Kathleen Kwenda (KWEN-DA) and this is my blog. I’m a serial Netflix subscriber by day and a blogger by night. When I’m not doing those things, I’m thinking about college and what’s to come. I have a passion for writing and telling stories that make no sense. I also dabble in the stock market and trying to figure out ways in which I can make more money.

My journey to blogging began when I realized that the only thing I had left to remember high school were fading memories and old yearbooks. So, I started this blog with just a few months left before graduation. At first, this blog was just a way for me to document the moments of my life that I would later forget, but now this blog has become so much more.


Here, I share advice on life and finances from the perspective of a gal who’s currently transitioning into college.

Through this blog, I want to help others as they go through this period of their life. I want to make meaningful connections with you and memories that are never forgotten. Feel free to browse around and be sure to join my newsletter to stay in touch!

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